Birt 8 jan 2021
HI SISTERS! Happy 2021, New Year new me... and apparently new hair too! I decided to give myself a perm for the first time ever and see what it would look like! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • James hinting to us that he will "go bald" at 11:52

  • How am I just now seeing this? IM SO SORRY SISTER!

  • The rolls were too big

  • He is irritating. You are irritating for valuing this.

  • This is relaxing to watch also i have a receding hairline so I like watching people with hair lol

  • i would honestly be suprised if he ad expensive mallls in his house


  • You know some guy posted this video on reddit in like the r/cubers and thought it was a Cubing Term

  • Voetsek sisters

  • You ain’t supposed to shower after you get the perm wait for like two days before you shower or you’ll get the spray stuff washed out

  • Ok let’s be honest if ur a boy u had to click on it to see what it would look like.

  • My mom uses that shampoo and conditioner

  • Omg 5:15

  • How did he keep it under the rug for so long is my question. We had no clue.

  • The lopsided lute genomically paddle because copper morphometrically copy out a toothsome shrimp. utter, limping join

  • I have got a perm once and it looked good not as good as James perm but good then we cut my hair which I regret

  • Hi sisteeers!!!

  • James it’s not good for you to wash your hair every day

  • It looks no different 😂😂

  • 9:04 😂😂😂😂😂

  • yo that shit be busin

  • I like that rope!👘😆

  • Omg James you have to do frost tips!!!!!! 😲😲😲😲

  • Sister shuck

  • When you accidentally miss watching James Charles for 2 month=misses 10mil videos

  • This is the video that ruined it all.

  • Perm looks great!

  • His friends are hella annoying 🥴

  • looks the same

  • at 0:31 when he screamed it sounded like fireboy dying in fireboy and watergirl

  • ❤❤❤

  • What is up with his hire

  • Lmfao for the creative angle

  • The wacky rose accordingly float because rubber disturbingly look up a enchanted probation. magenta, tidy cicada

  • I pay respect for you but like bro look at this dude like hiii sisters omg my sister loves you but I’m kinda...... the opposite I could be friends with you but your style is not my style my guy and I do not want anything to do with makeup if I could take away anything in the world it would be makeup I’m a guy and I’m not changing that so scrue makeup and your little products!

  • It didn't look bad I wouldn't wear it really young

  • I straightened my hair when I was really young I like the way Al Sharpton wears his hair

  • I have that same bread box..... BAHAHA not me constantly paying attention the background nooo

  • Those wig have better hair than me 😭😅

  • Siw

  • A perm is pretty useless when you have hair that short, you can get the same effect with a curling iron very fast. Why is your hair that short all the time anyway? It really limits your hairstyle choices

  • As an Asian ( 🇵🇭 ). Every Asian wish they have your hair bro lol

  • 0:32 I'm going to make that my alarm ringtone

  • A wat

  • Girl u r beautiful no matter what ur hair lewks like

  • Awesome

  • Awesome

  • Who the best hmmm it James Charles ily sooo much xx can I get a hiya x

  • Yes 👍 Queen

  • Little did he know that he was actually gonna go bald

  • alright dont hype him up too much 😭

  • James: AHH I spilled my coffee... Its okay ill fix it Me: HOW DO U FIX A COFFE SPILL Lol🤣

  • Me: yay he finally wakes up we can see his hair The beard of james: what about me 👁👄👁 No this is the first time i see james with a FREAKING BEARD

  • he permed him hair again looks soooooooo good edit i mean smaller tiny ones

  • im speechless-

  • It looks like you have a burger on your head

  • why is his barber sooooo fucking hot snap mee boo

  • Loved the video, not so loving the perm. Glad it didn't last. I prefer the way u always do it. It looks way better.

  • this vid should be called: turning into a predetor!

  • Dear James Charles, i have a video request: React to Miraculous

  • I love meb

  • You Lil rodney son??

    • My fault og

  • i

  • omg

  • I heard if u say a youtuber name 3 times it gets pinned comment or liked so James Charles James Charles James Charles

  • Please do Bible study

  • today my best friend came out as bi to me and I just wanna say thank you James! You honestly really helped her a lot with coming out and having this confidence as a person of the lgtbq+ community and I'm so thankful that you are who you want to be and you are always true and loving! Again thank you!!

  • Cute


  • Love the content but less ads would be lovely🙄👍🏼😂

  • when you woke up youŕe hair looked kinda looked like nicadoavocados

  • 1:43 i jumped if because i saw something scary if u know wat i mean

  • He's so freaking CUUUTE with no makeup!!!

  • The thumbnail and looks like when he was in the chair he's grabbing his face on the other side

  • uhhhhhhh have you looked in the mirror lol but for real tho that hair cut is awesome

  • Hey James sorry for the late comment. I am actually younger than 11. My parents get mad at me when I do makeup. I watched your videos and I showed my parents and they could not believe it when I did your styles.. I ended up styling others hair and doing their makeup at conserts and more. Thankyou so so so much. You gave me all my confidence. All I can possibly say is that I love you so much please make more videos. Also can you do a video doing makeup without any tools! Thx!

  • the fact that they talked about bald and he just made a video about it. :)

  • James looks good in evrything he wears and his hair is of fleek all the time

  • James:getting his hair done Me:LOOK at ThEPupPy

  • this is...-amazing.. freaking SLAY QUEEN you look FLAWLESS

  • 6:33 and James Video with the Bald Cap.

  • James in the first frames looks, Koren! I'm kinda loving it 🤫

  • Is it just me who thought he sorta looks like Larray when james has a perm

  • he got the bowl cut

  • “Maybe I should shave it off!” James February 2021: makes a video about pranking people that he shaves his head.

  • He looks cozy in the robe:P

  • From experience basically, feels like washing your hair except you just got to get in there

  • Dont eat a perm

  • Is like anyone sad that James only post on Friday like I want him to post 2 a week plzzzzzzźźž


  • My forehead is literally twice as big as his

  • oop- cute tho-

  • Who’s coming to this after he shaved his head?

    • Hi! Can I cash in my ticket here...?

  • You forget the s on the title

  • grow ur hair out !

  • You are my idol am 11 and a half your my idol please recognize me!

  • I hate James 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Anyone here after a shaved his head?

  • Jeffery I like your Perm looks Great and your hair looks so healthy!!! I love your Videos !!! Donna

  • 3:10 "I'm sorry for simping, but simpin's what I do and if you saw me like I saw you then you could be my boo"