Full Face Of WORST RATED Makeup Products!

Birt 19 mar 2021
HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to try out a full face using only the WORST RATED makeup products! Most of them lived up to their awful ratings but a few of them surprised me! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • I hate you skoobet boy

  • You skoobet

  • Ok beyonce riff 4:00

  • Just informing u James that when u give SuperRaeDizzle a shoutout in one of ir tiktoks. She saw it and freaked out 😆 🤣. She made a video on u . Plz check it out

  • Ur crew is so amazing never stop James

  • *goes to get a snack* where did my lashes go?

  • You forgot setting spray

  • The complaints

  • Perfect

  • When james still so so good doing this worst make up.


  • James: saying that all the makeup he is wearing is bad Meanwhile me: Wondering how James pulls off literally any makeup

  • 4:00 James:ahh

  • This is amazing James but because of economic issues I don’t really own makeup.. so there’s no worse makeup product I’ve ever tried

  • Please you reaction samosiii tik tok makeup vedio and love from PAKISTAN 🇵🇰

  • I love when he says hi sisters james chrles here

  • OMG you are so good

  • I LOVE YOU so

  • You're wearing nice makeup

  • The fact that James Charles can do make so good while using the worst rated makeup products breaks my mind.

  • this is so funny

  • James you have to shake the eylash tingi

  • Poor rabbits

  • I love you and I wish you will post agin I love you so so so much if you don’t I love

  • Please let's not kill the rabbits etc. for beauty 🙏🙏🙏

  • The contour kit I own it’s a great kit idk why it’s so low rated

  • James and Millie Bobby Brown should colab,MY TWO FAVE PEOPLE TOGETHER❤️I cant...I WOULD LOVE THAT❤️Hi james I am a big SiStEr❤️

  • The worst product I’ve ever tried was L.A. Colors foundation. It’s always SUPER orange, slimy, and it makes me skin look porous

  • Samee

  • James scream tho😂😂😂

  • Me:tries to put 5 star make up on my face and i look like a crap bag James:puts on the worst rated make up and looks bom

  • James I am a 7 year-old girl and I do makeup 🍓🍉🍇🍟🍕🍔

  • Don't like seeing you suffer you AR the best ISchatsr your videos make me proud I'm making a ISchats channel but my mom won't let me nevermind sorry I ended that I love you James Charles love you so much as a ISchatsr

  • I use that same bronze palate 😂🤣

  • Hi I'm a dig fan and I'm a boy but I'm on my moms a count but I love your make up so so so much sister!!!!!!!

  • Hi James im such a big fan and i love you so much and just so you know you are as beautiful just the way you are and SCREW ALL THE HATERS THERE FACES LOOK LIKE TRASH. sorry i get vilence so i need my stress ball to calm me down and sometimes i get to vilence love you james

    • HI SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poor face

  • James I love you not but honey you need to calm the hell down if you're freaking out I know I'm freaking out too it's calm down breathing and breathe out

  • I love how he just burped in the middle of doing his makeup 💄 😂

  • You should do a video only using makeup from target

  • james keep saying every store has bomb products then rating them really bad but no lie it does look good on video but on camera no no girlll

  • I'm 25 😐

  • Tbh the lipstick actually looked really really good. 😂

  • hi James I'm such a big fan i love you you have in inspired me to do your so got at mackup

  • I hate summer


  • I'm sorry MAGNET EYE LASH THAT IS NOT SAFE AT ALL! Rlly ppl rlly

  • James:does a ✨ amazing ✨ make up look with the worst products Me: tries a make up look with the best make up *realises he did better than me still*

  • JaMeS how was that look bad welll the makeup was not ur look!

  • Your eyes kinda look like you’ve gotten beat up😂

  • When I saw he had the neutrogena tinted moisturizer I was like uhhhh....

  • 15:38 my lips after eating spicy curry

  • I love your earrings

  • goobye Charles :( my battery is 1%

  • Hi James love your videos 💜

  • 0:24 *Fornite noises intensify*

  • 😂🤣🤣😂🤣😅😅🤣😂🤣😂😅😅😅

  • Hi Sisters

  • If this is gonna make you feel better: You make everything look good. You are amazing 🦩

  • You are a boy

  • James: you love seeing me struggle Me: yassssss

  • Omg I love your intro like- sister- so BOMB!

  • miss u so muhc i need new videos ):

  • Mom is actually using the mousse foundation and its really good

  • I love you james Charles! 😇

  • You still look good

  • I feel like that elf blush could've worked in Korea or Asia. They tend to, yk, use more pink, oranges, browns, etc. for more natural looks and they don't always use much blush which I think could be used well for everyday natural looks! Sorry for poking out Korea, but I'm Korean-American and I'm not too sure what the beauty standards are in other asian countries- anyways, that foundation he used terrified me :)

  • 13:54 anybody can just come and take those lashes-

  • You used bad rating things but it still looks awesome you can pull of anything

  • NUMBER 1🕺

  • The eyeshadow reminds me of Dory from Finding Nemo.

  • j: there’s literally NOTHING there! me: I see some😧

  • we love you

  • cute

  • Honestly just the blue in the eye shadow i thought on its own wasnt bad. That yellow tho🤮


  • 3:59 🤣🤣🤣

  • i miss you james plz post some make up vides

  • Your amazing James and also amazing editing

  • I am a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE fan!!

  • You should do all your makeup whit only your fingers

  • i like the way you speak , i really love your videos i hope you always upload videos❤️.

  • Hey you PDF files

  • gurl your butifull the way you are

  • If that’s the worst make up you really made it look hell a good props

  • You should’ve used a primer and setting spray omg that heated me like u set urself up for failure 😭

    • Don't support him

  • I love you and l follow you on ticktok your the best xx 😘

  • the video ----- the ads -----------------------------------------

  • Is it bad that I like makeup she I can't even do mascara😂

  • Heres my friends make up totuoilor

  • these products make you look like michael jackson..

  • Is you gae

  • You should go to the worst rated make up salon

  • My boyfriend has used most of these. Especially that medium-dark bronzer lmao. 😭😭

  • James you are always beatiful, with good, bad or no make-up ❤️😘💗💞💄

  • flat head

  • James Charles your eyeshadow palette is so expensive in India

  • I think he still looks pretty 🥺❤️

  • James’ eyes be looking bloodshot 👀👀